Being in my club is a real family affair

Callum, Daniel and Toby Aitken

Callum, Daniel and Toby Aitken

Stuart Piper with his wife Debbie and children Megan, 10, and 12-year-old Abigail  Picture: Sarah Standing (170385-8300)

‘Brain tumour diagnosis was incredibly hard to take in’

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Greetings Chipsters! Welcome to this week’s fun-filled Chipper Club page.

As always, there’s some fun jokes for you to enjoy plus a great competition to enter.

This week you can win a day out for your family to the Spinnaker Tower!

The Chipper Club page is all about you and today I bring you news of your fellow Chipsters.

Here’s my latest Chipster..Toby Aitken – welcome to the club! Toby’s only six weeks old and big brothers Callum, seven, and Daniel, five, were very keen for him to join.

Toby, there’s a membership pack winging its way to you! Chipster 1049, Callum, and Chipster 1050, Daniel, are pictured here with Toby. The boys asked me if Toby’s the youngest member and I think he may well be. I’ll check the records and get back to you lads.

Chipster 290 Rosie Fenlon has also been in touch. The nine-year-old, from Waterlooville, was inspired by the snow and wrote this fantastic poem.

Thanks for sending it in Rosie! I’ve printed it here today so that all the other Chipsters can see it.

When it was snowing

The wind was still blowing

As quiet as a panda

Because it had not been used

Cause no-one was going

So, cause no-one was sleeping

The children were weeping

As loud as a bear going ROAR

But they were all creeping.

That’s it this week Chipsters, so until next Saturday I’ll say chip chip for now! Love Chipper

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