Carol and Pete finally get their grand wedding day

Carol and Pete Johnson
Carol and Pete Johnson

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When Pete Johnson proposed on Christmas Day it came as a complete surprise to ‘bride-to-be’ Carol.

She wasn’t expecting a wedding, particularly as she had already been married to Pete for 25 years.

The romantic husband, father and grandfather presented his wife with a ring and asked her to renew their wedding vows to celebrate their anniversary.

And the Leigh Park couple did just that in front of friends and family at a recent ceremony at Portsmouth Register Office.

‘It was a complete shock. He got down on one knee to give me the ring and everyone was cheering. I just didn’t expect that at all,’ says Carol.

The couple couldn’t have everything they wanted when they were first married because of financial constraints. Carol couldn’t choose her dress and they didn’t even have a reception.

This time the 44-year-old wore the dress of her dreams and she and Pete, 45, welcomed about 160 people to their reception.

That followed an emotional renewal of vows. ‘I was quite choked when I was trying to say them. It was really beautiful, I’m so glad we did it,’ says Carol.

After their reception at the Ex Servicemen’s Club in Havant the couple stayed at The Bear Hotel in the town and walked through Havant with the wedding party to get there.

Carol says: ‘It was really funny, I was still in my wedding dress. Cars were tooting and people in the street were wishing us well.’

Carol and Pete are pictured with their children and grandchildren (above).