Childhood memories with Sophie Wilkins

Sophie Wilkins
Sophie Wilkins

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Sophie Wilkins, 18, lives in Clanfield and is helping to organise this year’s Daisy Chain Festival, dedicated to arts and performance, at the Kings Theatre, Southsea in June. Here she recalls some of her fondest childhood memories.

· What is your earliest childhood memory?

I was four and had just had my tonsils out and I was sitting on the sofa with my mum eating ice cream and watching a film about fairies.

· What do you remember about your birthdays?

I would always have big parties and all my friends and family would be invited. When I was younger, I had a very vast range of parties, including swimming parties, discos and numerous themed parties.

· How was school?

I really enjoyed school and had lovely friends. I would probably describe myself as a teacher’s pet. I think I got one detention at junior school and was absolutely devastated because I didn’t like to get in trouble.

· What music did you listen to ?

I listened to lots of music and always tried to learn the words and dance moves. My favourite band was the Spice Girls and I had all their songs on cassette and CD.

Other bands I liked included Steps, S Club 7, Atomic Kitten, B*witched and 5ive.

My grandparents remember me sitting in the back of the car when I was about four and singing every single word of the Spice Girls to them! I even used to make my brother pretend to be one of the boys from S Club 7 and sing with me.

· What did you watch on television?

A lot of American programmes on the Disney channel or Nickelodeon, such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lizzie McGuire, Recess, The Amanda Show and The Simpsons.

· What toys did you play with?

I played with very girly toys and had lots and lots of Barbies which I would play with in my big pink Barbie house. My favourite one was the Rapunzel doll, as you could make her hair grow longer. Other toys I played with included Polly Pockets, Beanie Babies and lots of cuddly toys, which are probably somewhere in the loft now.

· Any clothes that stand out in your memory?

I wore a lot of T-shirts that would say very cringeworthy things such as ‘cool cat’ or ‘crazy chick’. My biggest fashion faux pas was wearing a lovely pink skirt and black top for my 11th birthday – but with white trainers and black socks!

· What was the naughtiest thing you did?

I squirted my dad’s shaving cream out of the bathroom window and it went all down the side of the house and on to the kitchen windows. Needless to say, I had to clean it up!