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Meditating regularly can boost your wellbeing and reduce stress.

That’s the view of former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, who says meditating for just 10 minutes a day can change your life.

‘Most people think they haven’t got time to meditate, they think they’re going to have to sit down for an hour and you really don’t,’ he explains.

‘You wouldn’t run a marathon if you’ve never trained before, you start with a short run and build up – and it’s the same with meditation.’

In his new book, Get Some Headspace, he’s hoping to demystify the ancient practice so more people take it up and reap the health-giving rewards.

‘The word meditation comes with a lot of baggage and that presents an obstacle for people, when it’s such an easy-to-learn technique, which benefits everybody,’ adds Andy.

‘It’s not just for the treatment of illness or the management of stress, it also prevents everyday emotional turmoil that most people experience.’

The book takes the reader through the three key elements to meditating – what he calls The Approach, The Practice and The Integration, using a combination of effective analogies and simple exercises.

The words meditation and mindfulness have become interchangeable in recent years, with the latter adopted as a term to debunk the myths around meditation.

But Andy’s quick to point out there’s a crucial difference: ‘Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, meditation is simply the technique in which you can learn mindfulness.’

Get Some Headspace by Andy Puddicombe is published by Hodder & Stoughton, priced £12.99. For more information, visit