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Dr Christian
Dr Christian

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TV viewers will be able to seek live medical advice from doctors from the comfort of their own homes in a new Channel 4 show.

Instead of waiting in a surgery to see a GP, viewers will be able to use video calling in Live From The Clinic, a prime-time series to be broadcast this summer.

The show will feature Dr Christian Jessen, pictured below, and Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies, the Channel 4 show where people seek advice for conditions they feel uncomfortable talking to their GP about.

Live From The Clinic – a series of six one-hour live episodes to be broadcast at the end of May – will feature the doctors and guest specialists in a specially-designed studio.

Channel 4 says the programme, which will also test over-the-counter treatments and look at popular procedures such as laser eye surgery, will ‘showcase’ the way patients might be diagnosed in future.

Features commissioning editor Kate Teckman adds: ‘Imagine being able to get an appointment with one of our doctors as the programme is live on air.

‘This is a truly innovative public service broadcast commission that will take us into the future of health programming.’

Pre-booking will also be possible through the Live From The Clinic website when it goes live.