Enjoy all those tasty pancakes, Chipsters

A snowman by chipster 1464 Tyler Bailey
A snowman by chipster 1464 Tyler Bailey
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Hello there my pancake-loving friends. I bet you’re enjoying some lovely treats flipped straight from the frying pan.

Or maybe mum or dad aren’t very good at throwing and catching pancakes and yours has got a bit jumbled up on the plate.

A snowman from Chipster 971 Oliver Greenaway

A snowman from Chipster 971 Oliver Greenaway

Either way they taste great, don’t they? I just hope you haven’t been too greedy. I’d hate it if you felt sick while reading this week’s excellent Chipper Club page!

You need to feel well to enjoy all the hilarious jokes I have for you.

And thanks to Chipster 971 Oliver Greenaway we have one extra this week. Here it is:

‘Knock, knock.’

‘Who’s there?’


‘Pan who?’


That’s brilliant Oliver, thank you. I know you sent it a while ago but I’ve been saving it for this week because it’s Pancake Day.

We’ve also printed the excellent snowman you coloured in. That’s very neat Oliver, well done!

And thank you also to Chipster 1464 Tyler Bailey, who coloured in the funny-looking snowman above.

You’ve used some lovely colours, Tyler, I’m very impressed.

Well that’s all for this week, so until next time it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x