Gemma’s message to pupils

Gemma Spofforth
Gemma Spofforth

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Olympic swimmer and former Portsmouth High School student Gemma Spofforth has set a message to students at her old school.

The pupils at the junior school did a special assembly about Gemma and her achievements, both sporting and personal.

And to thank them, Gemma sent them a special message.

She says: ‘My journey to where I am today has had many valleys and peaks and I am happy to say that being at Portsmouth High School was one of my peaks.

‘The support my teachers and friends gave me will be cherished forever and it is those people that I have met along the way that will be remembered, not the races I have swum or competitions I have raced in.

‘My career has blossomed through the strength of those around me and without this help I would not be about to embark on a once in a lifetime journey to an Olympics in a home country.

‘All of you have the potential to find greatness within yourselves and follow your dreams, I have enjoyed the process of following my dreams, the ups and the downs are all part of the journey and if all I can say right now to you all is never give up.’

Pippa Harris-Burland, headteacher of Portsmouth High School Juniors, says: ‘We were thrilled to receive this personal message from Gemma.

‘She is a real inspiration to the girls who listened attentively. They reported that they know that with hard work and determination they can do almost anything.’

The school held an Olympics day involving lots of activities. All the girls dressed in the colours of the Olympic rings.