Grenache for summer

Rush Vine Grenache
Rush Vine Grenache
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With summer here and barbecues alight, here’s my vote for grenache. It’s one of the most widely-planted red grapes, but you rarely find it as a single variety on a label because it’s successful as part of a blend.

What grenache offers is relatively low acidity and ripe, almost sweet, flavours of red and black fruits with hints of spice. In the southern Rhone it is the dominant red grape and in particular it plays the starring role, but rarely alone, in Chateauneuf du Pape.

In Spain, where it probably originated, it is known as garnacha and is often part of the blend in Rioja as well as other regions such as Navarra and Priorat.

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Yalumba ‘Bush Vine’ Grenache 2009, Barossa

Concentrated with strawberries, plums and savoury notes.

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