Historic items found in harbour go on display

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Acollection of items found by people walking around or diving in Chichester Harbour is on display, showcasing the rich history of the area of outstanding natural beauty.

A Victorian shoe, old bottles from Chitty’s of Chichester and Roman tiles are just some of the objects that have been found by walkers.

Clay pipes, shell cases from the Second World War and pieces of granite have all been recovered by divers.

These items are part of a new exhibition entitled Finding History All Around Us which has opened at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre at Havant.

All around us are the remains of bygone communities and evidence of their activities.

Fossils that are possibly millions of years old can still be picked up from the shore along with discarded items from Victorian times.

Ali Beckett, publicity officer at Chichester Harbour Conservancy, said: ‘Each item tells us something about the past and viewed together give a fascinating insight into the various ways Chichester Harbour has been used over the centuries.’

The exhibition can be seen free of charge in the Coastal Heritage area of The Spring, in East Street, Havant and runs for the next six months.