Jousters go for glory at Arundel Castle

The annual jousting competition at Arundel Castle
The annual jousting competition at Arundel Castle
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A week-long jousting tournament has its final showdown at Arundel Castle tomorrow and Sunday.

It is an annual event and is the longest of its kind and the largest in Europe.

The authentic competition is hosted in the historic castle grounds and knights from around the world will take part in the real-life jousting tournament.

The knights will be dressed in full plate armour and the women involved in the tournament, as scoretakers and commentators, will be in traditional dress.

The knights taking part will battle it out for the honour of winning the championship of the castle.

Away from the jousting, you can have a go at archery and take part in other period games.

You will be able to watch craft displays and join in family-friendly events.

Tickets : £22 adults, £10 children, £49 family ticket.

The event is supported by the knights and men-at-arms of Raven Tor, Distant Trumpets storytellers and the musicians of Rough Musicke.

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