June knows her onions!

Sliced onions from June Murray
Sliced onions from June Murray

Reza is a foster carer and is encouraging other ethnic minority families to consider fostering                              Picture by Habibur Rahman

BIG READ: ‘Fostering brought us closer together as a family’

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Hi there my friends and welcome, once again, to your magnificent, memorable and marvellous Chipper Club page.

I wonder if you can think of any big words to describe the page. If so, I’d love to hear them.

This week we’ve got brilliant jokes, a cracking competition and some funny food to entertain all you laughter-loving Chipsters.

See those silly faces on the right? Well they’re actually onions. Aren’t they fun my friends? I laughed until I cried. Get it?

The picture was sent in by one of our news readers – a lady called June Murray – who had sliced the onions and thought they looked like faces.

It must have been difficult to cook them after they smiled at her so nicely.

Do you have any funny food pictures? Or any silly pictures at all? Then why not get mum or dad to send them to the Chipper Club page.

If they make me laugh then they might appear right here so all the other Chipsters can see them too.

Now, you know that I love giving you fascinating facts and I think you know what this week’s subject will be.

Did you know that hundreds of years ago people in Siberia (a big and very cold part of Russia) used onions instead of money to pay for things.

Well our money also has faces on it, so maybe it’s not that strange.

Until next week it’s chip, chip for now.

Chipper x

The winners of the My Blue Nose Friends competition are Chipsters 1812 Haydan Pacey, 1796 Jessica Powell and 1580 Melissa Willett.

A big well done to you three. You each win a Tatty Teddy play set.

I hope you have lots of fun playing with Tatty Teddy’s lovely home. It has seven rooms with furniture, kitchen, a movable stairway and slide and a secret button for lighting up the fire.

I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy your prizes, my friends.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones, don’t worry.

There are plenty more comp-etition opportunities on your prize-giving Chipper Club page.

This week we have a gift set from brand new movie Epic.

You could win a t-shirt, adventure set, magnets, garden set, lunch bag, plastic mug, stationery set and card puzzle.

Phew, what a lot of things. This is well worth entering.

You might not have seen Epic yet because it’s only just been released in cinemas.

It’s about a group of nature lovers called Leaf Men who are invisible to humans and protect our parks and forests from a nasty gang called Boggans.

Sounds great, I wonder if they’re invisible to dogs. Think I’ll go and have a look.