Killer Peter Tobin’s son cuts ties to his father

MURDERER Peter Tobin
MURDERER Peter Tobin

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THE ex-wife of jailed serial killer Peter Tobin has told how their son has cut himself off from his father’s evil past.

Tobin, 65, who lived in Southsea and Leigh Park, is serving three life sentences for killing Vicky Hamilton, 15, Dinah McCol, 18, and Angelika Kluk, 23.

Speaking about their son Daniel, Cathy Wilson, who lives in Portsmouth, said: ‘He doesn’t associate himself with this man at all. It’s more a news story to him, rather than feeling any familial ties.’

Mrs Wilson became Tobin’s third wife after meeting him as a teenager in 1986. Tobin became increasingly abusive to her and she fled their home in Bathgate, Scotland, taking a coach to Portsmouth with their young son.

Daniel, now 23, graduated from the University of Portsmouth last year.

Mrs Wilson added: ‘I fell into the profile of his victims, I was young, vulnerable and naive. I think having Daniel saved me.’

Her memoir, Escape from Evil, was published this week.