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The Eco-Club was established in 2011 to give a higher profile to environmental issues in school, writes Linda Woodhams, the leader of the club.

The group meets during lunchtimes once a week to take part in a range of activities to teach the children about recycling, plants, animals and sustainability.

It consists of 20 members from Years 1 and 2 who are supported by the Eco-Club leader and two parent helpers.

The children have worked with other agencies including Sodexo and Hampshire Re-cycling team, who have visited and worked collaboratively with the children on projects such as building an environmentally-friendly greenhouse made from empty plastic bottles.

The Eco-club helps to promote environmental issues and has increased awareness.

The children love the club and are extremely knowledgeable.

They enjoy learning about the environment and sharing this with their peers, both in class and in whole-school assemblies.

Having an Eco-club has raised the profile of environmental issues in school and through the sharing of their work it has ensured that all children learn about looking after the environment and the importance of this for the future.

The school now has more areas that encourage children to discuss the environment, including a new fenced garden on the school field which children use both during playtimes and in lessons.

The Eco-Club is working towards achieving a Bronze Award from Eco-Schools and is taking part in Gosport in Bloom where it has in previous years won an award.