Learning in a fun way helps to prepare for moving up in life

Holly Dorkings and Michael Glasby (12) try transfer printing on mugs.
Holly Dorkings and Michael Glasby (12) try transfer printing on mugs.

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It’s a big step moving up to a secondary school.

So over the holidays, youngsters set to join Park Community School in Leigh Park in September have been taking part in a summer school.

The scheme, which runs for two weeks for each group, sees children taking part in different activities.

Holly Dorkings, deputy community manager at the school, said: ‘It’s an opportunity for our fresher students to come up and have a bit of focused learning in a fun way and try out other activities.

‘The main objective is to get them settled before the school starts.

‘The summer school is run through the teachers. It builds that relationship up with the students beforehand.

‘They can put a face to a name and feel more comfortable about coming in.

‘They seem to be enjoying it.’

Children took part in activities such as T-shirt and mug painting and decorating plant pots.

There will also be cooking sessions as well as sporting opportunities such as football and archery.

And there is an opportunity for children to have focused learning through literacy and numeracy sessions.

The scheme, which is free to freshers at the school, has also been opened up to the community for a small charge.

Jasmine Davies, 11, said: ‘They are good because I haven’t done this before. It’s a new thing for me. I like it.

‘If you just came here you know nothing about what’s going on and you would get lost every day.

‘If you are here at least you get used to it a little.’

Michael Clasby, 12, added: ‘It’s very creative. There’s lots of imagination. It’s fun to do.’

n In the Classroom will return in September.