Merry Chip-mas my very faithful friends

HO HO HO says Chipper
HO HO HO says Chipper
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Well hello-ho-ho my faithful friends and welcome to the last Chipper Club page before Christmas!

The big day is nearly here and I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am.

Your old pal Chipper just loves Christmas Eve.

The tree is up, there’s bound to be a good film on the telly and if you listen very carefully, you can almost hear Santa’s sleigh bells ringing in the distance.

I hope you’ve all been very good boys and girls this year. Of course you have – you’re Chipper Club members!

You can expect Santa to steer his reindeer towards your house to make a very special stop-off and perhaps a delivery or two.

Don’t forget to leave him a treat to say thanks and maybe a carrot for Rudolph and co.

A very big Chipper Club shout-out goes to Chipster 649 Lily Slade today.

She sent me this fantastic, festive drawing. I think I make a pretty good Father Christmas, don’t you?

And thanks also to Heather Bryant and Erica Walsh for their fabulous Christmas trees.

That’s it for this week my friends so a very merry Christmas – or perhaps that should be merry Chip-mas – to you all!

Chip chip for now, love Chipper X