More lovely pictures for my luxury kennel

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LETTER OF THE DAY: Housing - more needs to be done

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Hello there, my friends, and happy Easter holidays.

I hope you’re all having a brilliant time and looking forward to the chocolate that is hopefully coming your way.

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Why is it that chocolate always tastes better when it’s in the shape of an egg? Do you agree, Chipsters?

I love Easter eggs and can eat them until I have to lay down on the floor of my luxury kennel with a big tummy, sticky face and – I confess, my friends – the wrappers stuck to my fur.

I know, Chipsters, it’s a sorry sight.

But I can only eat chocolate because I’m a talking dog with my own page in a regional newspaper.

Pet dogs can’t eat Easter eggs because they could make them very sick. So if you want to give them a treat, stick to doggy biscuits. They’ll love those.

Now it’s time to say a big thank you to some more talented children. This time, Olivia and Harrison Milne have sent me some lovely flower pictures.

Those will go on the wall of my luxury kennel with all the other masterpieces.

There are so many now, my place is looking lovely and I’m running out of wall space.

But don’t worry, Chipsters, I’m planning an extension and will be needing lots of egg-cellent Easter-themed pictures very soon,

So get cracking and send them in.

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x