Pretty crowns that are fit for a Queen

Lily Slade's picture
Lily Slade's picture
Kieran's son Louie is now on his fourth photoshoot - at just 21 months                                                         (Shutterstock)

KIERAN HOWARD: It’s not easy making Louie’s photos look so effortless

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Greetings all you Chipsters out there!

Now if you were with me last week, you’d know that I featured some of your colourful crowns that you’d sent in to brighten up my kennel as part of a Jubilee-themed colouring challenge.

Coral Whitaker

Coral Whitaker

Well I was so impressed by the number of beautiful designs that arrived in the post, I decided to show everybody some more.

Clockwise from the top, well done Chipsters 649 Lily Slade, 971 Oliver Greenaway, 1593 Olivia Milne, 1741 Maddie Gordon and 227 Coral Whitaker.

Until next Saturday, I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper x