Saturday, June 2, 2012

LETTER OF THE DAY: Housing - more needs to be done

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Helping people locate friends and family they have lost touch with

HIGGINS: Does anyone know what happened to or the whereabouts of David Higgins?

He, his brother Mick and Mick’s girlfriend Jill Dawes lived in Southsea around 1976 when I knew them. Please contact Nell Veldhuis at

Nell Veldhuis

Schoutenstraat 86

1623 RZ Hoorn


NIKKI: Ex-licensee of the Guardsman 22 years ago on Fratton Road, Portsmouth and also of the Shepherds and Flock in Farnham, Surrey, would like to hear from Nikki, last known working as a stocktaker in the licenced trade living in Portsmouth.

She also used to work in admin at Portsmouth Hospitals.

Peter Hughes

0161 7906389

WALTERS: Walters, nee Brooks. I lost touch with a friend Patricia Brooks who married Pete Walters and had two children Pamela and David. She used to live at Purbrook Way, Portsmouth and I would love to meet up with her again. We grew up together in Dormington Road, Paulsgrove.

Chris Ormston, nee Lodge.

07815 980148