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Helping people to locate friends and family they have lost contact with

Barratt: Richard. Son of Marjorie, Barrett then Gawn. Resident and educated in Portsmouth. Whereabouts unknown. Likely late 60 early 70s.

MCKENNA: I am looking to find my uncle Frank (or Francie), aged around late 60s or early 70s. His father’s name was Thomas McKenna, who died in Beigh Five Mile town April 28 1961.

He was buried in the Forth Chapel Augher. His mother Mary McKenna (nee Murphy) from Middletown Armagh, died in Pomeroy about 21 years ago and is buried with her husband. My uncle’s brother Thomas (Tommy) McKenna died 3 years ago. He had 2 other brothers; Eugene and Michael, who is still alive. He had a sister too, her name is Bridie McKenna.

My uncle joined the army very young and was injured; a damaged ear drum left him needing an hearing aid. I have been told he saw me as a child; I am his niece and would like to find him as his two of his brothers have passed away.

Anne Armstrong

Edendoit Road


MCMILLAN: I am trying to locate John McMillan, a member of my class who attended St Michael’s College, Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale in the early 1960s. At the time the college was run as a junior seminary by Lancaster RC Diocese.

He originated from Greenock in Scotland, moved to Chatham and then to Portsmouth where he was last heard of in 1972. John would be 59 or 60 years old.

If any readers know the whereabouts of, or know John, then please contact me on. I would be pleased to hear from you.

Joe Moxham

Crookhorn School 1986 Leavers: Calling all old school mates from Crookhorn School who were in the year that left in 1986. A reunion is being held on Saturday June 11 to mark the 25th anniversary of us sitting our exams and leaving the school gates behind. If you were in that year and would like to know more details about the reunion then email us at the address below or you can join the Facebook group ‘Crookhorn School 1986 Leavers’.

Lee Hider & Lisa Clark


HARRIS: Seeking Leonard Harris, born about 1918 in Hampshire, the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Harris (nee Hemmings). Also seeking any other children or relatives of Joseph and Elizabeth.

Ron Harris

Flat 3,

54, West Street,


North Yorkshire

YO11 2QP

HILSEA MODERN SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 1964-1965: Any school leavers from this date would be welcome to join Jane Bambury, Jennifer Marshall and Linda Bishop for a chatty reunion lunch.


or phone 023 9273 7632