Saturday, October 8, 2011


Reza is a foster carer and is encouraging other ethnic minority families to consider fostering                              Picture by Habibur Rahman

BIG READ: ‘Fostering brought us closer together as a family’

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Helping people locate friends or family they’ve lost touch with

MILLS: Relatives in Birmingham are looking for the family(s) of George Thomas Mills b1928 in Lambeth married Joyce Freda Petty.

The last known address in 1973 was Stubbington Avenue, North End, Portsmouth.

Roy Harry Mills b1938 in Birmingham married Carol A Tuck. Last known address in 1970 was Albert Road, Southsea. The parents of Roy and George were George Henry Mills and Florence May Mills neeTownsend of Waverley Road, Southsea.



HARBRIDGE: I was adopted in the 1960s.

Much later in my life as I began to trace my birth family I have discovered that I have older sisters.

I have traced one branch of the family in Canada and I have discovered there is another half sister who stayed in England with her Dad in the Portsmouth area.

It is this person who I am hoping you maybe able to help me trace. Her maiden name was Lesley Harbridge and I believe she married and became Lesley Wlikinson.

Deborah Wigg