Selfless Jacky aims to help other people in her new role

Jacky Charman
Jacky Charman

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Selfless Jacky Charman is this week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winner because she is part of a brand new scheme designed to make a difference to the lives of people in Portsmouth.

Jacky has been appointed the voluntary and community sector development officer for Community Action in Portsmouth (CAP), which is providing support and training for voluntary groups. CAP is a partnership between Community Action in Hampshire and Portsmouth City Council. Both parties set up the scheme after realising there wasn’t enough help and training for others in the city. As part of her role Jacky goes out into the community speaks to groups about what they would like.

She says: ‘So far I’ve found out that groups want more communication with each other. They want to find out about funding and events they can get involved in.

‘I’m basically giving them a voice.’

Jacky, of Fareham, founded Rowner Carnival nine years ago and worked hard to get a regeneration project set up in the area.

She also helped to bring the Olympic torch to Gosport by sending off a community bid off to organisers Locog. She adds: ‘I’m passionate about helping others. I want to release people’s potential and give them the life they need. They may not think they can learn new skills but I want people to believe they can.’ CAP is based at the Cathedral Innovation Centre, in St Thomas’s Street, Old Portsmouth.