Shipping information for Saturday May 28

From broken bones to new beginnings

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The following shipping movements are scheduled:-

NAVAL, PORTSMOUTH: none scheduled.

COMMERCIAL, SOUTHAMPTON: Independence of the Seas (in 0515, out 1630);

Grande Napoli (out 0600); Azura (in 0630, out 1630);

Grand Princess (in 0630, out 1630); OOCL Nagoya (in 0800); Autostar (in 0830, out 1300); Grande Detroit (in 1100, out 1800); Grande Ellade (in 1100, out 2100); Porgy (in 1100, out 2100); Deep Blue (in am); Thresher (in am); Venere (in am); Philipp Essberger (out 1200); Equuleus Leader (in 1430, out 2300); Tenacious (out 1730); Aristote (in 1930); Gerd Sibum (in 1930);

Janne Wonsild (in pm); Centaurus Leader (in pm);

Gran Canaria (Car in ttba, out ttba); Rossini (out ttba).