Shipping information for Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lloyd and Karen Clewer, the founders of Farm4Life, at Haslar Hospital, Gosport, where they store goods ready to send to Africa  (Picture by Habibur Rahman)

Ghana trip changed Fareham couple’s lives

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The latest movements for the ports of Portsmouth and Southampton.


HMS Blazer (out 0630); HMS St Albans (out 1600).


Klipper Stream (out ttbc); Normandie Express (out 0900, in 1845); Expedition (out 1800); Commodore Clipper (in 0600, out 0900); Mont St Michel (in 0615, out 0815, in 2100, out 2245); Minerva (in 0645, out 1700); Normandie (in 1300, out 1445); Pont Aven (in 1400, out 1700); Commodore Goodwill (in 1615, out 1930); Bretagne (in 1800, out 2015); Norman Voyager (in 2115, out 2300).


Faust (in 0630, out 2200); Queen Mary 2 (in 0630, out 1630); Queen Victoria (in 0700, out 1630); Bow Cecil (in am); Cassiopeia Leader (in am, out pm); Maersk Kiera (in am); Pacific Sapphire (in am); Patricia (in am); Thresher (in am); NYK Altair (in 1430); APL Le Havre (in 1900); Sallie Knutsen (in pm); Suvorovsky Prospect (in pm); Tempest (in pm); UASC Malik Al Ashtar (out 1815); Paula C (out pm); Stolt Razorbill (out pm); Stolt Redshank (out pm); Verity (out pm).