Shipping information for Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stuart Piper with his wife Debbie and children Megan, 10, and 12-year-old Abigail  Picture: Sarah Standing (170385-8300)

‘Brain tumour diagnosis was incredibly hard to take in’

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The latest movements for the ports of Portsmouth and Southampton.


HMS Blazer (out 0630); HMS St Albans (out 1600).


Klipper Stream (out ttbc); Normandie Express (out 0900, in 1845); Expedition (out 1800); Commodore Clipper (in 0600, out 0900); Mont St Michel (in 0615, out 0815, in 2100, out 2245); Minerva (in 0645, out 1700); Normandie (in 1300, out 1445); Pont Aven (in 1400, out 1700); Commodore Goodwill (in 1615, out 1930); Bretagne (in 1800, out 2015); Norman Voyager (in 2115, out 2300).


Faust (in 0630, out 2200); Queen Mary 2 (in 0630, out 1630); Queen Victoria (in 0700, out 1630); Bow Cecil (in am); Cassiopeia Leader (in am, out pm); Maersk Kiera (in am); Pacific Sapphire (in am); Patricia (in am); Thresher (in am); NYK Altair (in 1430); APL Le Havre (in 1900); Sallie Knutsen (in pm); Suvorovsky Prospect (in pm); Tempest (in pm); UASC Malik Al Ashtar (out 1815); Paula C (out pm); Stolt Razorbill (out pm); Stolt Redshank (out pm); Verity (out pm).

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