Special school is a hotbed of talent!

Teachers and pupils put on a great show at Prospect School
Teachers and pupils put on a great show at Prospect School

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From Motown to the Marrow Song – nothing was beyond the capabilities of youngsters at Prospect School who delivered a sensational talent show.

The audience could barely contain their excitement when one famous song after another was performed with huge charisma by a good-natured mix of teachers and pupils at the boys’ secondary special school in Havant, earlier this month.

Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall opened the afternoon gig filled with memorable tunes and excellent guitar and voice solos.

But there could only be one winner for the talent show – a group of pupils and teachers who performed a hilarious slapstick routine ‘If I were not upon this stage’ with near misses from a singing police officer waving his baton, a boxer punching in the air and a funeral director hammering a coffin.

Joe Nevatte, 15, the policeman, said: ‘We rehearsed for 16 weeks before the performance and had lots of fun.

‘It was great to have such good feedback from the audience who appreciated the different characters and the accidents narrowly avoided.’

Harry Gatehouse, 15, the boxer, added: ‘I hit Mr Pounds (Alan Pounds, head of maths) several times in rehearsals but thankfully we got it right on the night. It’s great to have won overall.’

In second place came guitarist Joran Jennions, 14, with a rendition of Billionaire. He said: ‘It felt so good to get up on stage and play the guitar.

‘I’m proud I did well – I think I know what it feels like to be a professional rock star.’

Headteacher Marijke Miles said the show illustrated just how much talent existed in special schools. She said: ‘We work hard with our pupils to make sure their behavioural difficulties are not a barrier to them excelling in anything.

‘Music has been a salvation for some of our pupils who are going through very difficult times.’

Teaching assistant Hanneke Van Der Merwe, who organised the show, said: ‘Music is a language that speaks to everyone.

‘I’m so proud of everyone who was involved. They gave a fantastic show for all to remember.’