The 10 best: Chocolate Beauty Treats

Try this 99p chocolate mud mask
Try this 99p chocolate mud mask
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1 Chocolate mud mask, 99p, from Superdrug.

Can’t afford the latest celebrity chocolate spa treatment?

Don’t worry, this yummy face mask will make you feel like a million dollars without breaking the bank.

Described as ‘a deliciously deep pore cleanse’ it will leave your skin feeling super soft and rehydrated.

2 Whipstick lipbalm, £5.25, from Lush.

Made with dark Belgian chocolate, vanilla and honey this lipbalm smells good enough to eat.

It fights cracked lips and chocolate cravings at the same time.

But be warned – you may need to hide it from your friends because when they know how good it tastes, they’ll be going after it.

3 Chocomania body butter, £12.50, The Body Shop (pictured on the front of Family Life).

A new addition to The Body Shop’s best-selling body butter range, this offers 48-hour hydration and leaves your skin sweetly scented.

It contains 13 Fairtrade ingredients, making it good for your inner karma as well as your senses.

4 Chocolate therapy massage bar, £3.49, from

The ultimate indulgence without the calories, this massage bar is made almost entirely of cocoa butter, which melts at body temperature.

Hold it in your hand, allow it to melt slightly before working the oils into your skin to enjoy the sweet scent and moisturising benefits.

5 Palmer’s dark chocolate and peppermint lip butter, £2.75, from Boots.

If you are a mint chocolate fan, this is the lip butter for you.

It softens and soothes while adding a subtle gloss.

The peppermint freshens the breath, leaving you irresistibly kissable.

6 N-Spa indulgent chocolate waffle bath syrup, £4, from Asda.

Turn your bathroom into a sensual spa by adding a dash of this to your bath.

Create a mass of chocolate bubbles, slip in and relax to enjoy a guilt-free chocolate fix.

7 Chocolate shampoo, £5.35 from

This award-winning shampoo has been skilfully developed with aromatherapy oils by the Faith In Nature experts.

The luxurious blend of organic chocolate and sage adds shine to darker shades of hair.

8 Yankee Candle chocolate bunnies, £18.99, from

This large jar has been released as a special Easter treat.

You can’t put it on your body but it does release a divine scent.

9 Original Source chocolate and mint shower gel, £2.20, from Tesco.

This is packed with natural fragrance to deliver an intensely natural chocolate smell Lather up – and chocs away.

10 Chocolate brownie dry shampoo, £1.99, from Superdrug.

Refresh your dull and lifeless hair between washes by spraying it with a waft of chocolate.

Dry shampoo is a real beauty essential if you’re going camping this summer.