The ten best: Beach Gadgets

BeachBuoy Tablet waterproof case
BeachBuoy Tablet waterproof case
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1 BeachBuoy Tablet waterproof case – £24.95 from

Mark your territory with this plain-speaking towel

Mark your territory with this plain-speaking towel

With your tablet encased in this watertight cover, you’ll be able to take your shiny device down to the beach without any fear of a short circuit.

Featuring a double-sided transparent screen, you’ll still be able to use your touchscreen and submerge it in up to five metres of water to capture some underwater action.

2 Underwater digital camera mask – £99.99 from

This eight mega pixel digital camera is the perfect gift for any underwater explorer. With tip-top technology, you will be able to explore the wonders of the ocean in crystal clear view, and capture a picture of your miraculous journey.

3 Reserved towel – £14.99 from

Getting up at the crack of dawn to ensure your space is reserved by the pool is an age-old game. So this very bold statement – made from 100 per cent cotton – will have no-one under any illusions as to who is sitting where!

4 Sundome beach shelter – £30 from

Not simply a shade to keep the sun off your face, this shelter makes a great wind break, too. The dome comes with pegs to secure it to the ground, pockets for storage and a zip at the front.

5 Pure Oasis Flow – £134.90 from

This rugged DAB radio is happiest when in the great outdoors. A hard case and rubber seals keep the innards safe from the elements. In addition to digital stations, you’ll get access to FM too and you can plug in an external music source such as your smartphone to release those music files into the breeze.

6 Folding sun recliner – £19.99 from

This lightweight recliner will allow you to sit back and enjoy the sun, sea and sand in style.

7 Waboba water ball – £5.99 from

A Lycra coating makes this palm-sized ball float and bounce on water skimming across the surface at speed.

8 Freeloader solar powered charger – £27.99 from

If your mobile or iPod is out of juice, this little device could be your saviour. The super-powerful solar panels are capable of giving power to an iPod/iPhone for 18 hours, a smart phone for 44 hours and an iPad for two hours.

9 Waterproof iPhone case – £15.99 from

Pop your phone in this case to protect it from spills and slip-ups that have the potential to ruin your fun in the sun.

10 Oregon Scientific UV Monitor – £24.95 from

There is a fine balance between getting too much sun and just the right amount of vitamin D. But this clever gadget monitors the UV rays and calculates the maximum sun exposure based on the SPF of your suncream together with skin type.