The ten best paddling pools

Jump in for some summertime splashing
Jump in for some summertime splashing
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1 10ft inflatable swim centre pool, £39.99, from Argos

Big enough to fit half the neighbourhood in, but not so deep it’s dangerous – this pool has no tricks but will be a useful addition to any back garden.

2 Fisher-Price Sprinkle and Splash Island, £28, from

Colourful and fun, this provides small children with hours of fun while keeping them cool in the heat. It includes a water spraying starfish stacker, a palm tree and a baby dolphin, with water also spraying from the edges.

3 Fill and fun pool, £7.50, from

Quick to put up, even quicker to put down. This is your traditional, small-sized, paddling pool. No frills, no fuss, just fun.

4 Tesco giant rectangular pool, £24

Built to last, with a sturdy two-ring construction and durable vinyl wall, this pool also has a plug, making draining it a doddle.

5 Paddling pool, £3, from Asda

This best-seller is 35 inches in diameter and comes in a selection of eye-catching colours. Fill it with water in summer, or play balls in winter.

6 Intex family metal frame 12ft garden pool, £119.99, from

You can do a bit more than paddling in this one. Ready for filling within 20 minutes, it comes with a filter pump and is made from strong PVC so you should expect to get through summer without wear or tear.

7 Sea scene paddling pool, £20, from (pictured)

It won’t break the bank but it will provide a decent-sized paddling pool. The figure of eight shape and sea scene decoration on the side make it that little bit different from the rest.

8 Large paddling pool, £20, from Halfords

Got room to stretch out? This large pool won’t break the bank but is big enough to submerge yourself in.

9 Car racer pool, £17.50, from the Early Learning Centre

Shaped like a racing car, this pretty pink paddling pool will keep the sun off their backs as they take a dip.

10 One ring pool, £2.80, from Mothercare

Shallow and with padded sides, this one is perfect for little splashers.

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