The Ten Best: Solar-Powered Gadgets

Get yourself a solar-powered Queen
Get yourself a solar-powered Queen
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1 Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio – £115.75 at

With such an array of iPad cases and stands to choose from, why not opt for one that really stands out from the crowd? Open this protector up and it connects a full Qwerty keyboard to your device via Bluetooth to enable speedy input and offers a handy stand too.

2 Petal Solar Light – £14.95 from

If you hate the demands of pruning and watering, get a few of these planted around your garden. The solar panel soaks up the rays during the day and lights up your patio area by night. They’re ideal for outdoor entertaining or just brightening up the place.

3 Solar power kit – £6.99 from

This educational kit will teach the kids everything they need to know about the basics of solar power.

Complete with a motor and fan, it’s a practical and fun way to find out about harnessing the power of the sun.

4 Freeloader Pico Solar Charger – £17.99 from

This ingenious gadget soaks up the orb’s power and stores it for that most annoying of moments when your mobile phone runs out of juice.

With several adaptors for a range of handsets, you just plug in the Freeloader Pico, which boasts its own solar panel, to download some of that energy – in some cases up to 35 hours’ worth.

5 Eton Soulra XL – £199.99 from

No need to pop in your earphones when you’re out and about, let your music roam free on this rather chic-looking docking station.

The fold-out solar panel will soak up all the power you need to keep the internal speakers pumping out the tunes for all to enjoy.

6 20-litre camp solar-powered shower – £5.99 from

Cool campers will want to get their hands on one of these gadgets. The sun will warm the water, giving you a pleasant wash that will leave you feeling half-human.

7 Green Science Solar Robot – £15.49 from

Using a solar panel and a motor, build your own moving mini-robot with this easy-to-follow kit. It will wander about when exposed to some rays.

8 Trevor Baylis wind-up mini radio – £24.99 from

Have music on the go with this excellent wind-up/solar-panelled mini radio. It’s perfect for camping and has a built-in LED light.

9 Solar-powered helicopter kit – £20.39 from

Made from laser-cut plywood for easy, no-glue assembly, this ready-made helicopter kit is a great demonstration of how efficiently modern solar cells work even when the only available light is from a desk light. Great fun, educational and a unique desk ornament.

10 Solar Queen – £14.95 from

Celebrate Her Majesty by always having on hand her iconic wave. This solar-powered window sill filler will have passers-by glancing and grinning.