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Nathan Coleman (36) from Fareham with his nephew Shay Coleman (8).

Nathan Coleman (36) from Fareham with his nephew Shay Coleman (8).

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Quick-thinking Nathan Coleman has been praised after he sprang into action when he spotted his neighbour’s smoke-filled house.

The painter and decorator was working on his home in Tukes Avenue, Gosport, with help from his nephew Shay, eight. Nathan was returning home from the shops when he saw smoke billowing out from his neighbour’s home. Acting fast, he climbed into the property to check on his neighbour Gwen Thornhill. Nathan says: ‘I’d been to the shops and on the way back I could see smoke coming out of Gwen’s window. I knocked on the windows and was looking in but couldn’t see her. When I couldn’t I told Shay to ask a neighbour to call 999. I got some ladders and climbed into an open window and entered the house to look for Gwen.

Pensioner Gwen was out, but had left two eggs boiling in a pan of water.

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