We were Facebook friends!

Robert Coulter and Vicky Meech on their big day.  Picture: paulthurlow.com
Robert Coulter and Vicky Meech on their big day. Picture: paulthurlow.com

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Facebook is used worldwide as a way to communicate with people we know and care about – and now it seems the social networking site can also help people find love.

Robert Coulter first started talking to Vicky Meech on Facebook in April 2009 when he noticed they had some mutual friends and very similar tastes in music.

Three years later and the couple from Landport, Portsmouth, were married at the John Pounds Memorial Church in Old Portsmouth.

Vicky, 31, says: ‘I saw him when I was out with some friends, so I went up to him and we started chatting and arranged to go on a date.’

They ended up falling for each other and Robert, 33, proposed a couple of times before Vicky finally said yes.

She says: ‘The first time he gave me a commitment ring and said he wanted to marry me. We were in Dublin and one of our songs came on which is U2’s With Or Without You.

‘We were talking about getting married and that came on as he was about to say it. He already had the ring and that was in December 2010.’

After they made their vows, Vicky and Robert held their reception at the Bridge Tavern in Old Portsmouth.

Speaking about the day, Vicky says: ‘I like anything shabby chic and vintage styling so that was kind of something. For the reception we had a meal for the family so we had about 100 in the church, then it was just family.

‘We had guys in the evening from a local rock band playing for the music because they were friends of ours. It wasn’t a big structured night, it was just friends getting together to have a nice evening.’

Although she was nervous in the run up, when it came to the big day Vicky was calm – but the same couldn’t be said for Robert.

Vicky says: ‘He was really, really, calm and I was panicking over everything. They were saying if we didn’t hurry up they wouldn’t be able to marry us but I got there and I was completely calm. But he was an absolute nervous wreck on the day!’

The newlyweds went on to spend 10 days in Cancun in Mexico, which Vicky describes as ‘absolutely amazing.’