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Beau Diakowicz
Beau Diakowicz

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n What would be your ideal weekend destination?

What would be your ideal weekend destination?

Udippi in South India, Great vegetarian food and lots of Buddhist culture.

Not counting your loved ones, who would be your dream companion?

Joanna Newsom. I could listen to her playing her harp and then have a bit of a jam! I think she would be lovely to hang out with.

What music would you take with you?

The two Fleet Foxes CDs (they’re pure class) and the Villagers CD Becoming A Jackal, a record of great charm and mystery.

What about something to read?

I’m reading Mark Radcliffe’s Showbusiness at the moment. It’s highly amusing!

What would be your ultimate way to relax?

Playing and creating music on my guitar because I find it so satisfying. I also like watching a great film.

If money were no object, which shop would you head for?

Denmark street in London. I’d go and find myself some classic old Fender guitars.

What’s your all-time favourite film?

There Will Be Blood. Brilliant acting from Daniel Day Lewis and cast. It’s a complex and powerful film and has a great soundtrack by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood.

We’re buying the drinks tonight. What’s your poison?

J2O, apple and mango. I kind of like the flavour. Why not?

What are you doing this weekend?

Playing with my band Stolen at Fake Fest. We’re on from 3pm-4pm. It’s going to be a great gig and I can’t wait.

What’s a favourite local

destination for a weekend day out?

The coast around Worth Matravers in Dorset. I love it because it’s so beautiful.

A more local place I love is Portchester Castle. It’s a place where old ghosts meet (or so my dad tells me).