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PATRICIA (PADDY) BEAUCHAMP: I am looking for my long lost friend Patricia (Paddy) Beauchamp who lived in Portchester. We both went to Portchester Elementary School from 1938 -1941. I got married in 1945 and moved to Canada. Paddy joined the army and went to the Middle East. She married a Dutch sailor, Franz Koning in 1947. They later moved to British Columbia, Canada. Paddy was also known as Patrice. Her mother was Myra Lewis and her father was John Cecil Beauchamp.

Sylvia Fuller (nee Pitman)


023 9278 1143


I am searching for any personal information and news on my father who died in 2003.

His name was Earl Dickenson De Pass and he lived at 150a Milton Road Close, Waterlooville, Hampshire.

I am his eldest daughter – the middle child of three. He was divorced from our mother around 1968. We had been told from a young age that he was dead but found out this year that he actually died in September 2003.

He was a Jamaican who came to the UK in the late 1950s. He served as a Sapper Royal Engineers Rank 23902442.

I am asking for anyone with any small detail about him to get in contact with me, so that we can build a picture of his life whilst he lived in Portsmouth. Are there any photographs of him?

Michele Karina De Pass

79a Fairbridge Rd


N19 3EP

020 7281 9485


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