Winter weather can be snow much fun

Our Chipper drawing to colour
Our Chipper drawing to colour

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Hello there my chilly friends. It’s been very cold but I hope you managed to have some fun in the snow at the end of last week.

I bet you were too busy outside making snow angels and real snowmen to send pictures to your old pal Chipper, but here’s another good reason to get drawing and colouring.

For those who loved watching the film The Snowman and The Snowdog at Christmas, last week’s picture gave you the chance to draw your own icy mutt.

Now I have a very funny-looking snowman for you to colour. I know, he should be white and you can’t colour that. I’m not daft, you know, Chipsters – well apart from the time I thought I’d lost my paws but they were still on my legs buried under the snow!

And anyway who says he has to be white? It’s a picture and you can make your frosty friend whatever colour you like.

Plus make sure he has a bright and cheerful bucket hat, broom, scarf, gloves and big carrot nose.

And you can still send me your picture of a snowdog. Or maybe you’d prefer a snowcat, rabbit, hamster or stick insect – a bit tricky perhaps.

Now all that fun white stuff is turning to slush, you might want to cheer yourself up Chipsters. So take a look at this week’s jokes. They’ll have you chuckling in no time.

And who knows, we might have more snow before the end of winter. I hope so, it makes it much easier to spot squirrels to chase.

Your pal Chipper x