Agony for England fans as squad sees second cup defeat

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THUNDEROUS cheers after England’s only goal turned into an atmosphere of bitter disappointment as the nation’s hopes of World Cup success dwindled.

Punters in the Hampshire Rose pub, Widley, were left devastated after Uruguay’s Luis Suarez double put England’s one goal to shame.

Widley resident Chris Tomes, 53, was with his friend Giles Cleverley, 34. The pair were gutted after the game.

Chris said: ‘They don’t really seem to be bothered – it all came down to Luis Suarez.

‘I don’t expect too much, obviously it’s a young side, but I expected to progress from the group stage.’

Giles added: ‘There was no effort made at all.’

Bill Parker, 35, of Denmead was watching the match with his dad Bill, 60, of Widley, and Martin Smith, 30.

Bill said: ‘I’m shocked, I thought we would’ve been a better team.

‘It’s hard to take. I expect more from England but in the back of my mind I knew we shouldn’t expect too much.’

His dad added: ‘It’s a lack of a top class striker.

‘Having got to the age of 60 I’ve seen a lot of tournaments – it’s always disappointing.’

He said he hopes that England still may have a chance to stay in the World Cup on goal difference depending on the result against Costa Rica next Tuesday.

Martin added: It’s going to be a tough game.’

Ian Smith, 49, was watching the match with his son Sean from pop duo Same Difference of X Factor fame, his wife Maria, 52, and Sean’s partner Natalie James.

Ian sad: ‘Obviously I’m very disappointed but I’m used to it.

‘It’s not getting close enough.’

Landlady Emma Dawson was determined to stay upbeat despite the loss last night.

The 33-year-old only took over running the pub a year ago and the England matches were her first time screening a major football event.

She said: ‘I can’t believe we didn’t win but it’s been a really good night with lots of people in.

‘It’s the same as it was on Saturday – it’s been a really nice atmosphere.’




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