Anniversary edition of yacht race nearly full

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AMBITIOUS sailors have signed up to a round-the-world yacht race.

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is 70 per cent full for the 2015-16 edition.

The upcoming edition of the race will be the 10th anniversary series.

Racers can spend up to 11 months taking part in the 40,000-mile endeavour.

Amateur sailors from the area took part in the 2013-14 edition, which returned back to London earlier this year.

The sport is organised by Gosport-based company Clipper Ventures, led by round-the-world sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

As reported, 19-year-old Ed Collison, from Westbourne, took part in the race – only stopping short of his bid to go round the would when he broke his foot.

Sailors must be 18 or over. For more information, see