Asda donates supplies to flood-hit Hambledon

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Villagers in flood-hit Hambledon have thanked Asda supermarket workers for coming to their aid.

Soups, biscuits, bottled water, mops and buckets were among the haul of provisions delivered to the village hall.

Karen Clark, community life champion for Asda’s Waterlooville branch, said: ‘We did a bit of a Dale Winton supermarket sweep round the shop.

‘It’s £300-worth today and I have been told if there’s any other items the residents need, then we can help them.’

Sara Park, 42, one of the 100-strong team of resident volunteers, said: ‘To have somebody to come and deliver this amount of help, without being asked, we are thrilled.

‘It really will make a difference to people who are struggling. Today with the rain and looking at the forecast, people are getting very tired. To have someone drop off a few things, who doesn’t know them, it might make them cheer up a little bit.’

Yesterday the water was rising and up to 40 homes are in danger of flooding.

Tony Higham, chairman of Hambledon Flood Action Group, said: ‘There does come a point where we run out of technology and there’s nothing more to give.

‘We are pretty close to that for a number of properties at the moment.

‘We have 70mph gales forecast over the next couple of days.

‘That’s our biggest concern. We have 1,000 electrical pumps running and if there’s a power cut, we are in serious trouble.’




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