Badger rescued from underneath Portchester Castle’s drawbridge

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FIREFIGHTERS were called to rescue a badger which became stuck after it ventured underneath a drawbridge at Portchester Castle.

The animal was found in distress by a passer-by who called the RSPCA for assistance.

Portchester firefighters were alerted to the incident in Church Road, Portchester, at around 6.20pm after staff from the animal charity realised they needed more manpower to perform a rescue.

Crews used specialist equipment to bring the creature to safety.

The animal was unharmed.

A spokeswoman from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s control room said:

‘After the badger was rescued it was placed in the care of the RSPCA.

‘It appeared that the animal had managed to get stuck underneath the drawbridge at the castle.

‘We were contacted because we have the right equipment to deal with incidents such as these.’