Big chill is back... but we'll escape the worst of it

Picture: Shutterstock

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Portsmouth and the surrounding areas is set to escape the worst of a new big chill sweeping the country.

Commuters woke up to a freezing start this morning, with treacherous ice on many roads. But temperatures are likely to rise slightly for the weekend.

Light snow showers were a possibility for today, but they were expected to turn to sleet tomorrow and on Sunday. Temperatures are set to bottom out at freezing but not to dip further.

Warnings about icy conditions were today in place of much of the UK, with heavy snowfall overnight in Scotland. Julian Mayes, senior forecaster for the Press Association, said: 'We're looking at potential icy conditions spreading down from the north so the emphasis is on icy roads following rain.'

'Tonight will end up very cold. In the early hours of Saturday morning, it will be snowing over quite a large bit of Britain.'