Birds of prey swoop down on summer crowd

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FAMILIES flocked to a birds of prey demonstration at Portsmouth City Museum.

Hawks, kestrels, a falcon and a vulture were the stars of the show put on by staff from Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre at Ringwood.

The feathered wonders flew around the garden at the back of the museum, occasionally perching in a roped-off area in front of hundreds of rapt parents and children.

Seven-year-old Oscar Reeve, of Southsea, was there with his family.

He said: ‘I like the Harris hawks because of how they talk to each other, and I think the kestrel is cute.’

His mum Rebecca said: ‘I love it when the museum opens up for holiday events. It’s great to see a bit of wildlife close up.’

The centre’s head falconer John Picton, 28, said people often had the wrong idea of birds such as vultures.

He said: ‘A lot of people think of them as just big killing machines, but they’re not. If vultures disappeared our ecosystem would collapse. They help keep the world in balance.’




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