Breastfeeding mother is thrown out of cafe

The Trafalgar pub in Gosport 
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Man who burgled Gosport pub is jailed for three years

MUM Carmen Dore was thrown out of a Gosport cafe for breastfeeding her son.

She had covered herself with a blanket as she tried to feed her six-month-old son Blake at a table in The Spring Cafe, in the High Street.

But before he had a chance to feed, cafe owner Cyrus Ozdemir asked them to leave.

Mrs Dore said: 'I argued a bit at first. He said all the other customers would be offended, and I couldn't understand that because I sat in the corner and covered myself.

'Then he started taking our drinks and saying "get out".'

Mr Ozdemir said the cafe welcomed up to 20 buggies every day, and that he was thinking of his other customers when he asked Mrs Dore to leave.

He said: 'I get hundreds of people come in here with babies and I've got no problems with them. But I can't have someone breastfeeding while another table next to them is eating.

'At least she should turn away and do it in a proper way. She just argued with me while I politely asked her to leave.'

But Mrs Dore said: 'I was so shaken. It's the most natural thing in the world and now he's made me feel as if it is dirty.'

Last September McDonald's in Havant hit the headlines when staff told a breastfeeding mother she would have to do it in the disabled toilets.

The firm apologised to the woman afterwards.

Helen Heffard, Portsmouth branch secretary of the National Childbirth Trust, said: 'It is very disappointing when something like this happens.

'We have been trying to promote breastfeeding for years and encourage women to do it, but how can they if they are being forced to do it only in private rooms? I had thought attitudes were changing, but perhaps not.'