Practice gives clients a unique experience on every single visit

(l-r) Alexandra Gray, Dr Jayesh Gohil, Dr Richard Mannings and Kawai Mo. 

Picture: Malcolm Wells (142376-6785)

(l-r) Alexandra Gray, Dr Jayesh Gohil, Dr Richard Mannings and Kawai Mo. Picture: Malcolm Wells (142376-6785)

A beauty clinic that combines decades of medical expertise with the latest skin treatments has opened.

The Portsdown Group Practice, which operates across five local surgeries, is branching out into aesthetic medicine and has opened a dedicated skin and beauty clinic at Cosham Park House Surgery.

This is a clinic with a difference. Beauty therapists work alongside GPs in a relaxed environment that aims to give a holistic approach to skin health.

The scheme is the brainchild of experienced GPs, Dr Richard Mannings, Dr Jayesh Gohil, and Dr Kawai Mo, who are able to offer treatments ranging from botox injections to minor surgery for moles and skin tags.

Working in the light, airy room next door is Katie Margetts, 39, a beauty therapist for more than 20 years, who is able to offer facials, waxing, manicures and massages, among other treatments.

The two professions work in harmony, offering treatments ranging from £5 to £500.

Katie said the clinic, in Cosham Park Avenue, was about providing a ‘total journey’ for a client, who could be worried about skin treatments in what has traditionally been an unregulated industry.

‘Clients are very savvy,’ she said. ‘Therefore they need as much information as possible. It’s not a conveyor belt. It’s about taking each person that comes to us and giving them a completely different experience.

‘We have GPs who are available to people.

‘A lot of people are concerned medically about skin cancer and any kind of skin surgery. In a normal salon, it might be something where we back off and tell people they have to go to the GP.

‘Here we can actually get somebody to be looked at within the hour possibly, so that’s very unique.’

Running the business side of things is Alexandra Gray, who is very excited about what this new business can bring to the Portsmouth area.

She said: ‘This practice has grown out of a GP practice that has been part of the fabric of the Portsmouth community for 30 years.

‘We are the biggest GP practice in Hampshire.’

Dr Richard Mannings, who has been with the Portsdown Group Practice since 1994, said: ‘We are trying to help people turn the years back a bit – to help them look a little bit fresher.

‘The other thing is perhaps prevent further wrinkles from the use of botox products to prevent formation of lines and wrinkles.’

The clinic offers face fillers and lip augmentation, a treatment that has received some bad press in the past with some celebrities taking the treatment to the extreme.

Dr Mannings said: ‘We have seen lots of bad examples of lip filler, but actually the very judicious use of lip filler in ladies over the age of 50 can be a fantastic rejuvenating treatment.’

Dr Gohil said doing botox injections and fillers adds to his enjoyment of being a GP.

‘It’s an interesting part of our career,’ he said.

‘I enjoy it.’

The clinic offers free consultations to anyone who gets in touch about needing aesthetic treatments from the doctors.

The clinic is offering all readers of The News the opportunity to visit the clinic for half price microdermabrasion treatments. This offer is available for the first treatment only. Appointments must be booked before the end of September to redeem this offer.

For information on the clinic call (023) 9262 7766 or visit




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