Still no word on redevelopment of old Portsmouth cinema

GONE The dDemolition of The Carlton Cinema in Cosham High Street in February 2011. 
Picture: Ian Hargreaves (110698-1)

GONE The dDemolition of The Carlton Cinema in Cosham High Street in February 2011. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (110698-1)


CONCERNS have been raised over the lack of action being taken to redevelop the site of a former cinema.

The Carlton Cinema, in High Street, Cosham, was demolished in February 2011 after a series of break-ins.

Landowner David Webber said at the time that shops and homes would be built in its place by the end of the year, but nothing materialised.

Instead, boards blocking entry to the site are still in place three years on, and a small chunk of the derelict structure still stands.

An application was previously submitted in 2007 to build 35 flats overlooking Cosham High Street and another 23 flats at the back after the demolition – but that was withdrawn.

Tony Broome, owner of Shoefix, in Cosham High Street, said action needs to be taken.

‘It looks like a bomb site,’ he said.

‘We can understand the developers are not doing anything with the land at the moment, but for the benefit of the people who live and work around here it would be nice to see the place tidied up.’

It comes as £200,000 is being spent by Portsmouth City Council on the regeneration of the high street.

Money has also been used to fund the new one-way traffic system.

Flats are due to be built opposite the former cinema on land where The Railway pub used to be.

The council said that while it wants something to happen, it can’t compel people to do things with the land they own.

Cosham councillor Aiden Gray said: ‘I have heard nothing at all.

‘The issue is the building has been knocked down and it’s left the high street derelict.

‘It’s a prime piece of real estate. I would have hoped someone would be interested in doing something to regenerate the high street.

‘Hopefully we will get someone doing that soon.’

The building, which dates from 1937, was originally known as the Carlton super Cinema and was opened by 1930s musical star Jack Buchanan.

Chartered architect Paul Hewitt acted on behalf of Mr Webber during his first planning application, but said he stopped working with him about three years ago, and doesn’t know what’s going on now.

Mr Webber was unreachable for comment.




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