Call for action over travellers in car park

Travellers in Prince George street car park in Havant
Travellers in Prince George street car park in Havant
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NEIGHBOURS have spoken of their frustration towards a group of travellers camped out on a car park.

Two caravans, a pick-up truck and a couple of cars have been making use of the site off Prince George Street, in Havant, since Thursday afternoon.

Neighbours say occupants have been shouting, throwing glass, drinking and watching TV until late with caravan doors open.

It’s resulted in motorists avoiding using the car park, and instead they’re using spaces at nearby Havant railway station.

Valentina Zakharova, 42, of Havant said: ‘The first night was awful because I had work early the next morning and I only had three hours sleep.

‘I was also frightened because I have a nine-year-old daughter and it isn’t pleasant for her.

‘Everyone is alarmed and frightened and people are not parking their cars there.

‘I have spoken to my neighbours and they feel disappointed and say no-one is helping us.

‘It’s just unfair.’

A Hampshire Constabulary spokeswoman told The News yesterday they had no knowledge of the incident.

Havant Borough Council has given the traveller group notice to leave.