Call for volunteers to help make Rowner a better place to be

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A COMMUNITY trust looking for help to build a brighter future for an overlooked part of Gosport needs more volunteers.

The Rowner Community Trust has called for people to get involved in its activities and programmes, all of which serve a common cause – making Rowner a better place to live.

The trust’s chief officer Iain Lucas said there were many ways people could get involved with the trust, starting right at the top.

Mr Lucas said: ‘We’re looking for somebody, preferably with a business background, to be the chair of our board of trustees.

‘This could be anybody who is interested or who has links to Rowner.’

Mr Lucas said volunteers could also get involved in the trust’s Youth Development Group.

He said anyone who was able to provide courses or workshops for 11 to 25-year-olds was welcome.

‘It may be a person or a group who wants to come and provide support or personal development training for young people in a way that’s outside their school environment,’ he said.

‘We’re also just about to take over the local youth centre and for that we’re going to need volunteers to create a leadership team.’

Mr Lucas said the trust was developing an allotment where people could grow their own vegetables.

‘That started out as just a vegetable box scheme and it’s a growing project.

‘We’re developing a large allotment so we can grow our own food and cook it and we have training available around that as well.’

Mr Lucas said people could volunteer with a Rowner Community Events team.

He said: ‘That’s a group that puts on events for the benefit of the community.

‘The group is working towards a carnival at the moment.’

Mr Lucas said Rowner, which covered roughly the same area as Gosport’s Grange Ward, had been part of a large naval estate in the 1960s. He said the area had a history of disadvantage.

‘We’re in the bottom 20 per cent of deprivation in the whole country,’ he added.

‘There is an issue with high unemployment and low skills which leads to low pay.

‘Then that has a knock-on effect with families and children so you get high levels of child poverty and you get into that circle.’

But Mr Lucas said the area was improving, and more Rowner residents were starting to take pride in where they lived.

He said: ‘The community’s really strong here and there’s a lot of positive aspects about the area.’

Mr Lucas said anyone interested in volunteering could contact him on (023) 9250 3433.




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