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FIREFIGHTERS have asked people to properly maintain their smoke detectors after they were called to two false incidents in Portsmouth due to dusty alarms.

A crew from Southsea was called to a home on Outram Road, Southsea, at 8.40pm on Sunday after a smoke alarm went off due to a build up of dust inside it.

And a second crew from Southsea was called to office on Fratton Road, Fratton, at 3.56am yesterday because of a dirty detector.

Southsea crew manager, Jamie Wren, said: ‘When a detector goes off because it is dirty it is giving people false information and they can go into a panic thinking they have a fire when they don’t.

‘We always say to people to test their alarm every week to make sure its working, but it’s also very important that they clean it with a hoover every three months.’

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