A taste of secondary school in Portsmouth

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Aconfidence boost for 11-year-old children is under way in a two-week introduction at Mayfield School.

Numerous activities are taking place to appeal to the children and give them confidence for when they arrive at the school next month.

Some of the activities include cooking, sports, a street dance event called ‘Mayfield’s Got Talent’ where the children learn a dance and then perform it at the end of the fortnight, and a design and technology class where the children think up and then create their own scarves, which they get to keep afterwards.

The school has opened its doors in the summer for children to begin to feel more comfortable in the transition from junior school to secondary school.

It’s hoped that the event will let them make more friends before the school term starts so they and their parents can worry less when they start in September.

Mary Read, a summer school co-ordinator said: ‘By doing this it makes the transition so much easier.

‘It can be a scary place because it’s so big and there are so many people, so this will help them to feel more confident.’

Aimed at 11-year-olds in Year 6 who are going to be moving up to Year 7 at Mayfield, everyone is welcome to come along.

So far Mayfield has had more than 90 people each day queuing outside at 9am every day to come in and Mary added: ‘It’s completely free for everyone and the children are provided with a lunch and juice through the course of 
the day.

‘Starting at 9am and running until 3pm each day at the school it lasts until September 1, just in time for the new school year.’




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