Car catches fire after engine fault

The car ablaze at Bedhampton .  Picture: Pete Smith

The car ablaze at Bedhampton . Picture: Pete Smith

Police at the scene of Nickleby House, Buckland, where a man has fallen to his death

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A DRIVER attempted to put out the flames when his car caught fire.

The car was travelling along Bedhampton Road, near the bowling green in Bedhampton, when it caught alight.

Another driver stopped and gave the man a fire extinguisher. The man was unable to put out the blaze and crews were called at about 12.30pm yesterday.

Havant’s crew manager Ben Holt said: ‘There was a fault in the car causing a fire in the engine.’

The fire destroyed the car. Mr Holt advised that people call 999 rather than tackling the fire themselves.

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