Car owner left baffled by police prang

Damage to Mr Bremner's car
Damage to Mr Bremner's car
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A MAN whose car was written off by police has not received so much as an apology.

Steven Bremner, who lives in Elmore Road, Lee-on-the-Solent, said he was woken by someone by a banging at his door about 2am on March 4.

Mr Bremner said: ‘As I got to the door I could see a silhouette of a woman police officer, and naturally I was thinking the worst.

‘I opened the door to be asked if that was my car parked on the street, to which I replied yes and was told that a police van had 
hit it, driven by a PC Paul Machon.’

Mr Bremner said the police told him the van was travelling at only 19mph when it hit his car, causing £5,500 in damage.

He said he was baffled by how the accident could have happened.

Mr Bremner said: ‘I am still miffed as to how a trained police officer driving a Transit van at 2am down a well-lit, very quiet road can hit a parked car!

‘Firstly, I wondered how it was 15 feet further up the road than where I left it the night before and secondly, I was gutted.

‘Like most, my car was my pride and joy and, being a mechanic, it was looked after properly. ‘

Mr Bremner said he received a payout from his insurer but the money was ‘a lot less than what the car was worth’.

He said: ‘I’ve had to travel as far as Birmingham to find a suitable car to buy with what I could afford from the settlement.’

Mr Bremner asked the police to say sorry for wrecking his car.

He said: ‘The sergeant told me they couldn’t directly accept liability but it was obvious it was their responsibility.

‘The next morning I found out that the driver of the police van was there at the scene but staying out of the way across the road in the shadows for whatever reason.

‘To this day the police have never actually apologised or really offered any help and I’ve not been offered any form of compensation.’

A police spokeswoman said: ‘We can confirm that a Hampshire Constabulary van was in collision with a parked vehicle in Elmore Road.

‘The owner of the vehicle was contacted immediately.’

The spokeswoman said an investigation was conducted into the incident which included examination of the police van’s on-board data device.

She said the driver of the van would not face disciplinary action.

‘No further action was taken against the police officer.

‘The owner of the damaged vehicle has been regularly updated and the matter is being dealt with by insurance companies.’