Car wash couple seek new supermarket site

Police have released CCTV image of man in connection to attempted robbery. Picture: Hampshire police

Knife-wielding man threatens staff in Portsmouth supermarket

A couple who lost their car washing contract despite a local campaign to save them are seeking a new supermarket to work with.

Tz Tzankoy and Pepa Syarova ran a franchise for car-cleaning firm Waves at Tesco North Harbour, until the shopping chain left them all washed up - much to the anger of local motorists who said the pair's Trolley Wash hand car wash was second to none.

Now they and their five employees are looking for a new site to run their business.

Mr Tzankoy said: 'We need to find somewhere new to work but don't want to leave the city.

'We have built up loyal customers here who are fighting for us and I know they will follow us if we find somewhere new.

'It is very frustrating to be cut off like this by Tesco, but this is not the end for us I am sure.'

Fans of Tz and Pepa have formed the Tesco Portsmouth Car Wash Action Group to try to change the company's mind, and await the result of a final meeting next week at which the firm might reconsider.