Celebrating 25 years of giving routines a twirl

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A MAJORETTES’ group is celebrating 25 years of twirling batons, stylish routines and shimmering outfits.

Locks Heath Silhouette Majorettes were set up by Lisa Downs and have been operating from Sarisbury Green for a quarter of a century this year.

The group covers all age ranges and enters various events over the summer months.

Last month they scooped the top prize at Titchfield Carnival.

Mrs Downs said: ‘The Titchfield Carnival was the real high point of the year.

‘We have entered 23 times in 25 years so it’s really special to have won first prize in our silver jubilee year.’

The majorettes took the theme of men at work, with a float featuring roadworks, an impatient driver and a couple of indolent workers taking their time over a cup of tea.

Behind them came a string of hard-hatted dancers sporting fluorescent jackets, tool belts and whirling batons.

Mrs Downs juggles leading the majorette group with teaching at a primary school.

She is proud of the way that the troupe has evolved since it began.

At a recent jubilee party attended by 50 people, the majorettes modelled the different costumes worn over the years.

They range from a simple black leotard to the group’s trademark black and white outfits with skirts and glinting sequins especially imported from America and matching pom-poms.

Majorette Sam Stockdale, 29, praised Mrs Downs’ hard work.

She said: ‘Lisa is one of my role models.’

The longest-serving majorette is 15-year-old Sara Crooks.

She joined the group when she was four years old.

She said: ‘I love the fact I have fun, make new friends and get to perform for others’ enjoyment.

‘I feel a real sense of achievement as I have moved up from being at the back of the smallest group to leading the entire troupe.’

Mrs Downs said: ‘The Silhouettes are an integral part of my life. As long as there are girls – or boys – in this area wanting to learn to be majorettes, I’m going to keep on teaching them.’

The Locksheath Silhouette Majorettes meet at Lord Wilson School on Montefiore Drive, Sarisbury Green every Thursday.




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